Design Systems


Contact me today and let’s create a system which gives your product a unique, consistent and scalable identity product teams can collaborate around.

If you are thinking of building a software experience of any size or scale, a design system is a perfect place to start. This system will form the foundational set of standards to which the experience will be scaled, and reduces redundancy all while crafting a shared language for synchronous visual consistency across different platforms, products or pages within a product. A design system is much more than a sticker sheet to think of styles in isolation, it is a tool to truly bring all cross-functional product delivery teams together for collaboration. A well-formed design system will give your organization the power to make broad sweeping changes to your product portfolio at will at any future given time, allowing you to know that your investment is one that pays not only in the short term with rapid iteration for teams as the product is growing but in the long term as fixing an atomic feature or updating styles once can fix it possibly at hundreds of places or more in your product.

I am a personal huge advocate for design systems, and believe every product team should use one from day 1! There are quick ways to leverage design systems and more complex organizationally owned proprietary design systems. Regardless of your organization’s current position, I can collaborate with you to understand your business’s current position and move towards a future that aligns with your goals, and wisely invests your funding in the best solutions for all collaborators and ultimately your end user’s best experience, efficiency and optimization.


Consultation with product teams on design systems to assess current positions and develop an actionable proposal for discussion.

Establishing design systems and organizational processes of a size suited to the current market and product position. Startup vs growth vs scaled large organisations all have different design system needs.

Maintaining and owning the delivery of design systems as a service to your organization.

Advanced specialist design system consultation, for example below, our client specified certain accessibility criteria and we are able to scale this out to all platform products through the design system.


Conceived, built business case, developed and oversaw a client’s Design System, an internal ecosystem enabling collaboration and sharing of assets between 50+ Engineering teams, Project Managers and Designers.

Specifications of the design system for the client included;

  • Figma design system mirror for UX/UI product designer collaboration.
  • Codebases for engineers including quality assurance on all supported OS/Browser combinations for the look, feel and functionality support.
  • Documentation portal for team collaboration including information on correct usage, code snippets and interactive component examples.
  • WCAG 2.1AA Compliant – all components were audited not only for visual but also for functional compliance standards and interventions amended to obtain product compliance certifications.
  • Maintained and owned support channels internal to the organization including MS Teams chat support forum, regular office hours and JIRA backlog/roadmap for the project.

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