UI/UX Design


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Establishing the scope of work for the project or ongoing product delivery

Research on market expectations of users, experiences, clients, competitors

User Experience asset preparation for usability testing and iteration

Low and high-fidelity User Interface designs for product delivery.


Creative direction and delivery of smartphone app in the Healthcare space for both iOS and Android, including ongoing iteration of experience in response to end-user activity and feedback.

iOS: 7800 ratings with an average of 4.5/5 stars.

Android: 4141 ratings with average of 4.23/5 stars.

End User Quotes;

  • “It was great! There’s no commute to and from the doctor’s office, no waiting room (except my living room), and no waiting in the exam room. My appointment lasted 15 minutes and I was done! I will definitely schedule another video appointment and I recommend it for everyone!” – Heidi (Android)
  • “I am a Severe Trumatic Brain Injury survivor and I don’t drive. Today was my first time needing to use this app. This app allowed me to have a virtual meeting with my doctor to talk about getting a referral. I simply had to click the link and type my name. Then I was face-to-face with my doctor! This was a great way to meet and connect with my doctor. I highly recommend this app.” – Elizabeth (iOS)
  • “I had a video conferee with my doctor this morning, everything went well just like I was in physically in her office. Love It” – anon (Android)
  • “I was a little worried up on my first video visit. But after exploring just a little bit I found it was not that hard. It was actually a very nice visit with my doctor and all went well. This is kind of a incredible way to communicate in these weird troubling times” – kwillia (iOS)

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